White rice can lead to Type 2 Diabetes

In what could come as bad news to a majority of Asians, scientists at Harvard have found that eating the white variety of rice, which is a staple for most Indians and Asians, could lead to an increase in the risk of developing Type -2 Diabetes.

And with India already topping the diabetes chart with over 40 million individuals diagnosed with diabetes, this news might just throw light on why Indians make up almost 20% of the Diabetes patients worldwide. The study which was the first amongst its kind to focus on the link between rice consumption and diabetes, found that replacing white rice with other alternatives such as whole grains or brown rice, resulted in a considerable drop in risk levels of developing Diabetes.

The study which was led by Qi Sun and involved 157,463 women and 39,765 men found that the risk posed by white rice consumption stayed the same, despite taking into consideration the various factors that could influence the development of diabetes such as age, smoking status, alcohol intake etc.

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