In the past few years, the growth in business and associated competition has resulted in an urgency amongst Insurance companies to ambitiously build large revenue, scale their distribution network, branch network and hence their operations. Quick scaling has its own disadvantages. Urgency of building a "quick" team has resulted in huge holes in the operations and responsiveness process with Insurance Companies. Google "Insurance Complaints India" and you will see that the pages wont end.

In addition to the existing Grievance Mechanism in Insurance Companies and the Ombudsman, IRDA has been continously working on creating a convenient infrastructure for Insurance Consumers to make complaints. In addition to the launch of the Grievance Call Centre (Phone no. 155255) almost a year back, with an email facility also (, IRDA launched the Online Grievance Management portal - IGMS (Integrated Grievance Management System). This allows Insurance Buyers/Customers to complaint against Insurance Service Providers over the internet.

Ofcourse every Complaint that you make to IRDA through any of the medium provide, requires you to first lodge a complaint with the Grievance Cell of the Insurance Company.

Here's the Press Release from IRDA: