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‘Super Top-up Plan’- Enhance

Religare Enhance gives you an extra safety net at a significantly lesser premium as compared to any basic health insurance plan. This super top-up policy works on the concept of a pre-defined amount being borne by the customer through his own finances/any existing policy during a medical event & any claim amount exceeding the agreed limit to be paid under this policy on an aggregate basis.


What are the key features?

- Wide range of Sum insured with flexible choices in deductible

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- Free annual Health Check-up- regardless of claim history

- Medical treatment anywhere in the world

- Entitlement to Second Opinion

- Option to convert to a fully –fledged indemnity health Insurance plan


What do you get?


Your treatment

1. All expense are paid in case of admission in the hospital for minimum period of 24 hours

2. All expenses related to Pre & post hospitalization are also covered

3. 170 listed day care treatments are also indemnified

4. For selected diseases/ailments/treatments anywhere in the world the medical expenses including ( air ambulance) are paid

Your loyalty

You get an option to convert this deductible policy to a fully –fledged indemnity health insurance plan after enjoying 4 years of continuous coverage. 

Your Health

Free health check up every year for all adults covered under the policy irrespective of past claims

Your re-assurance

You are entitled for a 2nd opinion from an expert/medical professional on any serious illness that concerns you


Some more details:




Waiting period of 30 days from policy start date for all treatments except accidental injury

Waiting period of 2 years for specific ailments like cataract, Hernia, Joint replacement Surgeries etc

Waiting period of 4 years for Pre-existing conditions


What are not covered?

  1. Medical expenses on use, misuse, abuse of tobacco, intoxicating drugs, alcohol or hallucinogens
  2. Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  3. Congenital/birth defects treatments
  4. Cosmetics/aesthetic and obesity related diagnosis or treatments
  5. Tests and treatment relating to infertility, subfertility, assisted conception procedure
  6. Any out-patient ( OPD) treatments

* Please note this is not an exhaustive list on Exclusions, for more details, please contact us at expert@medimanage.com


Definitions- Simplified


Deductible: This is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket by the customer before claiming the amount from the insurance company.



Full –fledged indemnity health Insurance plan: A plan which pays the actual cost incurred during hospitalization as specified by the policy schedule.


Day care treatments:  'Day-care' is the term used to describe treatment procedures that require hospitalization for less than 24-hours due to technological advancement. These usually include chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, cataract, lithotripsy, tonsillectomy and so on


Air- Ambulance benefit:Air ambulances are used when sick or injured people with medical needs are to be transported over long distances more quickly than ground ambulances can accomplish, or when the use of ground ambulance is impossible.


Pre-existing conditions: A pre-existing condition is a health problem that existed before you apply/enroll for a health insurance policy.

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By Rishi on Oct 9, 2014 4:56 PM

Hi You can find the premium online at Religare's Website http://www.religarehealthinsurance.com/buy-top-up-medical-insurance-policy.html
By R Sathesh on Oct 3, 2014 3:58 PM

please specify premium details for each category and age group
By R.Sathesh on Oct 1, 2014 5:30 PM

Without mentioning premium details no body can take an informed decision. Religare website also silent on this.
Did you know?
Medimanage is the only Dedicated Health Insurance Broker in India.
Medimanage has managed more than 25000 claims end-to-end.
Medimanage insures more than 2 Lakh lives every year.
excellent concept;very needed in a country like India.highly appreciate. i am expecting medimanage should extend their services into all insurances.
K .Niranjan

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