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It’s been quite difficult writing this. I was told not to write stuff which could be considered as flattery and had to be completely objective. But you see, Medimanage, an organization with very unique sensibilities did not solicit a typical profile writing.

Though the best way to find about us would be by walking into our offices, or making a phone call, or just browse through this website, here’s our attempt to describe what Medimanage stands for!

Medimanage is run in true Human Spirit! It believes strongly in basic human values while maintaining an environment of openness. What else would explain absence of designations, open house sessions and no boss cabins in all our offices?

Founded by Sudhir and Purandar with rich experience in Healthcare, these first generation entrepreneurs have managed to infect all others with their passion while creating the current team of Medimanagers.

A stark feature of Medimanage which is quite unusual in today’s times is that Medimanage dares to go slow at times to go right! What has been an absolute contradiction to this is the growth it has seen. With less than 3 years of being licensed as an Insurance broker, the corporate clientele list of Medimanage is enviable for most others in the race.

How we make our living:

Our current revenues come from end-to-end Corporate Health Insurance Services. Medimanage currently insures more than 200,000 lives a year, and has advised on/handled more than 25000 claims till date.

Medimanage’s constant endeavor is to become a Healthcare catalyst for our customers. Our edge has always been to be and keep our customers on top of things that we advise, through education, technology and processes. Our Specialized Claims Cell, Newsletters, Unique software and our People Wellness Solutions program for our customers is enough to demonstrate this.

Medimanage revolutionary intelligent decision focused Comparison engine and Online Buying portal , our eBusiness initiative to provide solutions to Individuals and Families has been receiving great response.


Our Approach:

Following are the few things that we check when we take decisions about our business practices:

People: Our business is about people. Their Health, their expectations, their discomforts, their hopes, their agonies & their joys!!! Be it a process change or development of new service or purchase of new software, we test its people-acceptance. We believe that if it helps people, its the right thing to do.

Health: Our customers' health is our concern. We wish to build all those resources right from Information to Solutions to help our customers live healthy and sometimes when they do fall sick, help them get proper treatment and ensure that they do not get hit financially. Every member of Medimanage undergoes training in healthcare basics and is encouraged to build knowledge base thru trainings & self-education.

Commitment: Medimanage is about commitment, towards our customers, our employees, our vendors & our partners...When we undertake any task, we ensure that our team delivers it in the most correct manner. We may have to work extra, we may have to go out of the way but when we commit, we deliver. There are no two ways about it. This is why people rely on us & allow us to take complete process ownership of their Healthcare Benefits Plan in totality.

Integrated Solution: We believe in end to end solutions and not piecemeal products & services. Though for knowledge & service excellence, we have various process verticals inside the organisation, for our customers we offer a Single Window solution. We do not believe in our customers contacting different people within Medimanage for different services. They contact one Medimanage Representative & he/she ensures that all the needs of the customers are 100% met with.

Empathy: Doing all things mentioned above without Empathy is absolutely no no for us. We take that as failure to deliver our duties. Every member of Medimanage is continuously sensitized to understand, imbibe & deliver empathetic service. We are so passionate about it that its part of our Performance Management System & eligibility criterion for various employee awards. 

There! Hope you got a brief understanding of what Medimanage stands for. The best way to still know us is to interact with us and experience our services!


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Did you know?
Medimanage is the only Dedicated Health Insurance Broker in India.
Medimanage has managed more than 25000 claims end-to-end.
Medimanage insures more than 2 Lakh lives every year.
I wish to send my appreciation and reach to your superiors and let them know that you have a wonderful team. If you could please send me the email address of your managers, I would like to send my appreciation on this issue.
Mr.Anil Tondavadi Nagaraju