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Please accept our sincere appreciation for prompt processing of cashless hospitalization claim. I thank both Medi-manage team
Abhishek Gupta
I found them professional, straightforward, and since they dont sell any particular company policy they are impartial. On a long term basis one needs an intermediary as a one stop shop and these guys seems to be in the business for long term. Their advisors follow up on time, give a frank advise, clarify everything so that one does not feel cheated and even tell you if a particular policy or additional policy should not be taken. Esp. for senior citizens its a call away!
You deserve it and deserve to be proud of it too. I too am proud to have had the opportunity to interact with you both officially as well as personally. 1. Keep up what you have been doing so far and always keep trying to beat yourself 2. Have a long vision and broad outlook
Ajit Devotta,
Thanks a lot dear Sweta for the below information. I will soon let you know when you should send your representative for the collection of cheque. Am overwhelmed with the assistance of your and all medimanage support team.
Amit Tiwari
I really appreciate all your initiative towards this task, I am rest assured that with people like you around at Mediamanage makes a huge lot of difference in attending customer requests and reaching their satisfaction.
Amod Kamble
11 July 2014 , I spoke to the Advisory / Sales Team. I had a very good experience interacting with Medimanage. I feel they are the best as i have been getting the best service from the medimanage team.
15 July 2014 , Spoke to Hussain. He was very cordial & well versed with all details. It was a pleasurable experience to interact with your knowledgeable staff..will recommend to friends fr sure...tnx
Thanks a ton. That was a great help
Arathi Shailesh
Hello, This is regarding the conversation I had with Mr.Kalpesh two days ago. It was my third interaction with him in the last couple of months and I am very satisfied,pleased and impressed with my overall experience. I am unwilling to believe this is only because of excellent training and availability of a good pre researched database. He is an asset to your organisation and I would hope my word of praise will be noted by his superiors.
Arjun udayakumar
I was informed by your team leader Mr.Soman, that all credit goes to you for your perseverance in not accepting their standard practice of 'permanent exclusion' for pre-existing diseases and for your presence of mind in coming up with the 30% co-pay compromise. I am writing to you to express my gratitude and extreme happiness because of what you have managed to do.My congratulations to you, your team leader and to the top management of Medimanage for building such an exceptional group of committed and driven individuals who are also able to complement each others efforts.
Arjun udayakumar- Hyderabad
Let me just say that I am a very happy man today and though I have had no need/opportunity to experience the service of Medimanage during the time of ’claims’, I am confident that they will be an excellent asset working for me when I need the assistance the most.
Arjun Udaykumar
19 July 2014, I had an excellent experience interacting with Medimanage. I think your advisers are very good. I have interacted with shashi and abhay and admire them both for their persistence and patience.
Thanks a lot for your support and guidance. Special thanks to kousar for Prompt service. Unconditional support at all odd hours
Ashish Atloye
I would like to Appreciate for the efforts of “Kousar” She has always been helpful a step ahead of her ability no matter what may come she has always helped me in my hard times She understood my query very well and responded quickly all the time and I never had a latency in any resolution. She really made me feel good as a customer with medimanage and her customer service is the reason that justify doing a business with medimanage.
Ashish Suryawanshi
Thanks for everything supported for claim for process within short period, i am happy with your conversation with your team, specially Soman/Yogesh.
Ashok Gowda
Thank you so much I have received the soft copy of the card . Kalpesh I would like to admit today that you are one of the best sales person I have ever interacted . The kind of patience and commitment that you have towards your customers really deserve applause. Please forward this mail to your seniors they should know that your making customer's smile ............ on a SALES call !!!! Thank you once again .
Atanu Neogi
I am really thankful to you for your kind attention towards my concerns,Good job done. Keep it up & all the best for your future
Atul Kumar Tiwari
Very happy with the assistance and guidance I received.
Avinash Darekar
appreciate your effort
Balasubramanian R
Service and Claim team, service was quick & effective. completely satisfied....
I wanted to thank the whole medimanage team & the HR team who helped me get my claim settled on time. I really appreciate the way they all handled this case.Thank You so much.
Bhavna Sharma
natural foods that burn fat section which is very enlightening and brings into focus some easy measunothingtaking care of sensitive skin, pimples- do's and dont's.
Not a typical sales person trying to force a specific product on you. Personalized service, good advice. Thank you!
Chirag Kothari
This is in reference to the recent claim that was handled by Sachin Poojary. He is a thorough professional who has handled the entire claim from start to end without any hassles. Not once did I have to go back to him to check the status on my ticket. He responds in a timely manner and without accurate information. His timelines provided were not over committing and he has been updating me regularly on the status of the claim which is highly appreciated. Please recognize his efforts to make Medi Manage a better organization by providing his best efforts and ensuring client satisfaction.
Dattatray Ankola
I very much appreciate this level of excellence which is uncommon in India.I will recommend your services to friends and family .
David Vaz
The overall services offered by Medimanage was really excellent. All I had to do to get my claim setteled was basically intimate Medimanage about my hospitalisation within 48 hours and then send then all the required papers for claim settlement.Rest were taken care of by them.I am very happy with my experience and have already recommended Medimanage to my friends and colleagues.Thank you Medimanage!
Debajyoti Banerjee
I would like to Thank You very much for your prompt and speedy action on my request for Cashless claim. It has lessen much of my financial burden.Especially, want to thank your associate with whom I was in contact. She helped to track the claim request and looked readily that it completes in time and is benefited. Final claim was also processed quickly by your TPA team, (faster) than I thought. Your help is truly appreciated.
Deepak Taldeokar
16 July 2014, I spoke to the Retail Sales team and had an excellent experience interacting with Medimanage. They offered Detailed explanation of options with all docs , pros and cons
I spoke to Medimanage, while talking I felt that they really want to help me with insurance policy rather than sell it to me. It was very different and satisfying experience as compared to other companies. Just because of this experience I will definetly suggest Medimanage to friends and family. Cheers
Dhara A
Have Spoke to advisory team, he has listned my need very carefully & suggessted the best plan suits to me. had spoke to many people for Mediclaim policy but one must say that Medimanage is different.
Hi! I have received money in my bank account. I want to profusely thank you for the timely help and making this claim process really effortless. Afterall, it was a wise decision to choose medimanage for my insurance purpose.
Dr Pavaman Sindgikar.
It was a pleasant surprise to see the efficiency, courtesy and the quick turn around taken for processing my hospitalisation claim. This was not a cashless claim, and I took about a week to submit the bills and other documents. Surprise of surprises the documents were received on the 18th of March, and my claim was settled with a credit to my account on the 23rd of March. An excellent job done. Additionally Nitesh and Supriya were extremely helpful in providing clarifications to my various doubts and questions. Please continue the good work...
G Krishnamani
I would like to place it on record that the camp conducted by You was excellent and all the participants were very happy about the suggestion / advice given by Your people. Please convey our special regards to Your team.
Must commend the way you have swiftly responded on this query. Really appreciate the same. It was very refreshing to come across someone of your caliber & It is indeed a pleasure to recognize your ability to resolve customer grievances & operationalize the solutions in quick time
Gagan, Singh
The overall experience of interacting with Medimanage right from the time one logs in to the website till the time the claim is disbursed is a very pleasant one. Your staff is really prompt, friendly and helpful. Your IT systems are very user focused - and keeps one informed of the progress. My experience of interacting with Wasim Mansuri for Claim Ticket No:14482 for really a very pleasant one. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him formally for all the help extended.
Gourav Suri
I have just finalised my request for Star Health Red Carpet Insurance and would like to take the opportunity to place on record and special thanks and deep appreciation to Aniketh Gaikwad for his relentless yet unobtrusive follow up, his readiness to respond to queries and his overall mannerism. I would also like to place special mention to Pranjali who was my initial contact point with Medimage and who led me on to Aniketh. Thanking you and looking forward to a highest level of continued customer orientation.
Gurusharan Dhillon
I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest thanks to M/s. Medimanage for extending all the necessary cooperation & support during my medical insurance claims.
H N Prashanth
After talking with Mr. Shashi a number of times, I cleared many of my doubts. He was very prompt and without irritation answered all questions. I have taken Insurance Policy for my Family through Medimanage. Thank you
Hemal Shah
This is to thank u for your support which cannot be described in words Thank You on his behalf. You were of great help and guided us correctly for the entire process of insurance . Thank u once again and our best wishes will always be there with u
Honey Khanna
Thanks very much for the detailed quotes and your recommendations. Really appreciate the fantastic, clear and precise advice that you are giving.Thanks again for the wonderful and prompt advice. I really look forward to closing the deal as early as possible.
Imran Bootwala
thank you very much for your kind response and gentle behaviour . i really appreciate your patience and helping nature . on 29th i think i have called more than 25 times but every time your patient hearing and appropriate suggestion and timely response made my job easier. In our day to day life we have to do our duties but if we do it with a touch of humanity, that makes the difference to the others life. once again thank you very much.
Imran khan.
Thanks for all your help and timely support
I would like to applaud your efforts on sending this online weekly magazine, which is designed so simply & yet has so much information. Even your website is so easy to understand & I like the healthy tips/ articles a lot. I go through them a lot. It’s a Great Effort Guys. Thanks a lot. Some time when there is no work at office. I read all your columns on the website & make myself educated. Thanks Again, You guys are doing a Great Job.
James Paul
Thank you very much for your excellent service and for all the extra care that you provided to me with my claim, I really appreciate all of your assistance and your promptness in getting my approval at on time that helped me a lot in getting treatment and discharge from hospital though it's a holiday on that day you helped me a lot and your support is amazing. You are the best!!!
Jaya prakash Aridoss
I had a great discussion with MR.Kalpesh and we came up with a proper plan for my entire family and I am now in the process of buying through MediManage and taking medicals for seniors. Medimanage service is excellent and its hard believe i get this kind of unbiased online service india :-) I thank every one for providing such a great awareness and helping me to take a well informed decision.
excellent concept;very needed in a country like India.highly appreciate. i am expecting medimanage should extend their services into all insurances.
K .Niranjan
Thank you for all the help and support that has been rendered by medimanage and most importantly you. I really appreciate the fact that my claim has been handled in the most professional way possible. Please convey my heartiest regards to your management. I am really grateful to you for all the help and support
Kamal Sharma
Claim settlement process is done smoothly and efficiently. Complete followup with prompt reply from the team (supriya and gayatri) from time to time. Very happy with the service and the support provided.
Kanwar Tejeshwar Singh
It was a pleasant experience to be able to get assistance from one of your senior reps named Kalpesh. He is resourceful and understand the concern completely before jumping on to conclusion. I believe, he is a great asset to your organization. Wish him luck. Cheers!!
Kapil Malhotra
Thanks for all your support. Though I am not in India during the whole claim process, you tried contacting me in many of the ways and sent emails for every single requirements. I appreciate your dedication and follow up. Once again Thank You for your efforts.
Karthikeyan Periaswamy
Thanking each of you once again for your support and prayers during this blessed time.
Kevin Joseph
Excellent product information of various companies. Was able to quickly suggest a product suitable for my needs.
I would like to thank Medimanage for the fantastic service provided to me in the superfast settlement of my claim. In particular, i would like to mention that Mr. Suresh who is the correspondent for Medimanage for our company, was very empathetic and helpful. He went out of his way to help me fill up the online claim form and assured me of the quickest service. He is a wonderful ambassador for your company. I would also like to thank all your personnel for the excellent service. Thank you once again ... you have truly delighted this customer !!!
Krupa Puttaraj
Thanks again for you help…….you took away a lot of my headache…
Lakshmanan M T
I am sure you and the team at Medimanage will do well and grow faster than your competition…..
Lakshmanan M T
I spoke with Preeti and she showed enormous patience in explaining all my noob questions. Very professional attitude. Keep up the good work
I am highly impressed by the way you have handled this case..
A very big thank you for helping my case. A sincerely appreciate this and would talk to our HR and inform them about the personal touch that was given to me.
Mahesh Balasubramaniam
In my view, Medimanage has done a wonderful job by organizing this month long event which has been of great help to each employee of Sterling in doing a self health assessment! I would like to thank you for your commitment and support at each stage in making this entire event a success and we are glad to be associated with Medimanage!! On behalf of the entire HR team at Sterling, I would like to thank each Doctor and associated healthcare outfit that helped us in this professionally managed health check camp!
Manish Kotwani
Thank you all So much for your co-ordination in this regard.
Manjunath K.S
Dear Swetha, Thank you very much for the update and thank you for your focus on providing quality customer support. Really appreciate your effort.
Manjunatha Bageshpura
Thank you so much it was Great help from you !! you have given excellent information about the policy and taken my cashless request form and In time which was approved.
Manu H.H
17 July 2014, My experience interacting with Medimanage was good. Preeti was helpful and helped me make a decision about the right kind of medical insurance.
one more reason of headache may be constipation. So regular toilet habits one should develop. one more reason may be walking under the bright sunlight without covering your head. very good.i liked your articles.
Meena Joshi
I would like to Thank every one from your team on behalf of our orginization., for clearing the Mediclaim cheque of Late Mr. Hitesh Powale. Special Thanks to you and your team for coordinating with the hospital getting the Cashless benefit done and finally sending the reimbursement cheque in time. Keep up the good work…
Mohanish Mohanan
I really thank Madam for her constant followup and going to the higher ups in getting the approval
There was good interaction between the nutritionist and the employees and queries answered satisfactorily. We would like to have a repeat program on the same sometime in the future.
Mr. Gaury
I felt very happy and I am very impressed the commitment and loyalty to the work is highly appreciable.I appreciate your services and just simply superb!!!
Mr. Jagadesan.s
I would to write more howerver looking at time constraint for youll i want to say " YOU DID AMAZING JOB EXHIBIT GREAT OWNERSHIP" I also appreciate Medimanage for recruiting such talented people.
Mr. Majid
I appreciate your Quick reply, Responsibility and Immediate action for the request.team helped me a lot in resolving all my issues and clarified all my doubts. Good job team, keep it up.
Mr. Nandhakumar Nadarajan
I am extremely grateful to you for the efficient way in which you handled the issue, while I only had to focus on my mother's health.Along with you I am sure there must have been a team who works together to solve issues which are outside our control. This is to thank you and your team for silently working behind the scenes to make life comfortable and smooth when we here have some challenging issues.
Mr. Neville Cardmaster
Your coordination is something brilliant towards processing these documents with a quickly response. Your response time towards the process is something excellent..... I am thanking you once again.!!!!!!! :)
Mr. Prasanna R
Really appreciate your support in entire claim settlement process.
MR. Rajendra Ashtekar
Thanks to you and your team for the timely help
Mr. Satish Iyer
You have played a very important role in convincing us to conduct this program, coordinating this event and in ensuring that the program went on smoothly. Thank you for your efforts & excellent support in making this program a success. We look forward to similar co-operation in future
Mr. Shanmugam M
I really APPRECIATE you professional decorum and problem solving ability to show case the service orientedness and handling the customer grievances to work out of the box. Last, but not the least, Thanks to you, jumping into action at on an adhoc request even after office hours.
Mr. Subrahmanyam SVN
This is an excellent work by you
Mr. Suneel Suryavanshi
I would like to appreciate the commitment shown by you in organizing the events for us. He takes complete ownership of the events and ensures smooth implementation of the same. Sir – Thanks once again for all your efforts.
Mr.Anand S. Mekonda
I wish to send my appreciation and reach to your superiors and let them know that you have a wonderful team. If you could please send me the email address of your managers, I would like to send my appreciation on this issue.
Mr.Anil Tondavadi Nagaraju
Thanks a lot and I appreciate the help and assistance.
It is a great job and you all made good effort to co ordinate. All credits goes to all three of you. Excellent response from your end. Great and Happy Dussara and nice weekend with your families.
Appreciate the effort for setting up a talk show in Millennia within a very short notice. I would like to thank you for the support extended by you, in some the emergency hospitalization at odd times. Would like to put it on records a big thanks and request you to extend the same kind of support going forward.
Mr.Janardana Rao N
A very big thank you for helping my case. A sincerely appreciate this and would talk to our HR and inform them about the personal touch that was given to me
Mr.Mahesh Balasubramaniam
I want to give a special thanks to You who has shown excellent communication & understanding skills and a great 'Get It Done' attitude. we sincerely appreciate their prompt attention to any issues that are brought up and their willingness to solve these issues.
Mr.Ninad R Vartak
We appreciate all the efforts put in by her and the team members to ensure excellent service and smooth handling of the hospitalization with regard to this particular case. Thank you all once again for the timely guidance and assistance offered in the time of need.
Mr.Parameshwaran Ganesh
Thank you very much for your timely help and support at the time when it was required very urgently
I would like to go on records to say that you has been exemplary in customer service and I am customer who is not only satisfied but also grateful
Good Morning! Lot of thanks to you and your team, for solving and supporting my case. You have done a tremendous job, really appreciate their work.
Mr.Samrat Jadav
We sincerely appreciate all the help extended by you to us in providing timely assistance Also thank you for making the entire process very smooth in his time of trouble
Myself and my wife are really grateful to you for providing a lot of help and support to us during her 2 day hospitalization this week in Hospital. Your timely help for pushing for the approval, during the time of discharge etc. has immensely helped us. Thanks a lot once again…
You have been of real great help in this entire case and I am very satisfied with the way things have taken shape with the course of time. A big thank you from my end...
Mr.Venu Gopal
Thanks a ton team it went well and I personally thankful to u the help extended from ur side.
Mr.Vijay Kumar S
Here is a Thank you note for your excellent work with regard to You claim process and making our employee happy with your service. Keep up your good work!!!
Great, as always your turnaround time is super!
Mr.Vineet Sethi
I would like to thank you for your prompt responses and very courteous service attitude. I also thank to MediManage for providing the hassle free claim experience. Thanks a Lot !
Mr.Yogesh Singh
You have been able to answer all the questions that I have put before you during our several conversations, very patiently and kindly and have really put all my fears to rest. You have always called back when you said you would, which I find rarely happens in India nowadays. I would also like to really thank you for spending all the time with me yesterday, while we were encountering so many problems trying to make the payment online. I would like to add that you have a fantastic work ethic and your company should be proud to have you on their team.
Mrs Della Haslam
Appreciate the support & co-operation of your fine staff for the making the entire process quick and easier. Good day!
Ms. Anjali Kabbathi
Thank you for the speedy process.
Ms. Lakshmi.S
Thank you so much for facilitating this health talk. Looking forward to more such health awareness programs.
Ms. Raksha S Shetty
Thanks a ton madam for assisting in the settlement of this claim. Appreciate your efforts
Ms. Yamini
Please do thank to your members for their efforts. The overall experience was great. In future also, we need your help in organizing these type of events. Thanks once again,
Ms.Ashu Sawhney
I had great experience of talking with your advisor and also he has explain me everything about the policy so now i have complete knowledge of policy clear in my mind that what type of policy should I go for. Thank you for providing me such information. Regards, Naresh Ramoliya
Naresh Ramoliya
Customer interaction was good and most importantly unbiased advise about various policy matching the needs of the customer is something very fabulous medimanage team is doing i appreciate the great work and hope to continue relation with medimanage
Honestly speaking, yesterday I was lost my hope on this. But you have done it.. Excellent... Really appreciate your efforts, prompt response for getting this resolve. Keep the same spirit towards your responsibility.
Neeraj Yadav
Words are insufficient to express the feeling of gratitude when a totally unknown person does something for our parents and family.
Neville Cardmaster
Thanks for all your help and support….. I received continuous support from you in the past 5 days… It was a pleasant surprise to see that out of those 5 days – 2 were Saturday and Sunday (non working days). Super client commitment !!! Very impressive !!!
Nidhi Roongta
I have been interacting with Snehal Dhanu for my heath insurance policy. I am convinced that I have been able to decide the best policy I would like to take mainly because of her unbiased approach to giving me genuine and sincere advice. The other good point about our interaction is that she would check and confirm with her supervisor if she herself had a doubt and hence the sincerity. She also was very patient in answering a lot of questions explaining pros and cons of different options over a period of few weeks and I never felt that I was being pressured in to going for a certain policy. On behalf of my family, I would like to wish her the very best and thanks to Medimanage.
Nitin Mogral
Nice co-ordination on settling the claim process.
P Zenthil
thanks for your effort... GOOD WORK
My experience of interacting with the Sales team was excellent. I got the exact information and policy details which i was looking for.
Though initially i had hiccups(not by cashless team) on the amount to be reimbursed, once this was taken care off, the day my father Umesh Shettigar was admitted to Raheja Hospital till the time he was discharged there was complete support from Urmila from Cashless team which in other words i should say was EXCELLENT. She kept me updated over the emails and call on what has been approved and on the last day initimated me on the Final Scantion of amount. Though there was intial hiccups I would Rate the service as 5 STAR ***** for Urmila and team
Prabhakar Shettigar
Spoke to ravindra(RAVI), Clarified all my queries clearly ...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your extended support. It was because of your sincere effort and timely response, Once again I whole heartedly thank each one of you. YOU ARE THE BEST!
It was a very hassle-free & buttery smooth process of cashless during hospitalization of my son. This includes everything from listing newborn baby in Mediclaim till discharge. I must appreciate all your help & sincere availability even on your week-offs at the time of discharge. Hearty thanks!!!
Prashant Chitte
Pl convey my thanks to your coleague My compliments to you,for having put together such a wonderful team which echoes your own commitment and personal attention you have always managed to acccord to me.
Just emailing to say thank you to your representative: Soman who never avoided my call or message and was always happy to help me out in all the situation throughout the process of the cashles approval both the time during hospitalization. Thank you soman..:) keep up the good work…
Pratikkumar Upadhyay
Thank you and kudos to your team too
I am really happy to see a growing company, which not only understand the importance of his clients time and urgency but also understand their emotions. Thanks a million to all who made my first experience such a wonderful experience.
Pravin Karkera
Thanks for the support & help.... It was great experience to work with you. Without a single reminder or any phone call a work has been completed. Great thanks to you & your entire team of mediamanage.
Pravin Wagh
We have no word for. you...only God bless you and your organization
Project Manager@ Software Company
It was nice experience interacting with Shashi, product knowledge was excellent and I dont find any area of improvement. Keep up the good work.
Raahul Sharma
I would like to appreciate your promptness in service which has made the entire experience a smooth and memorable one
Rajesh Prabhu
The executive contacted me and explained the pros and cons of the policy. Good to have.Hope the quality of the service continues. Rajesh.S. 9809918208.
Really appreciate the care expressed by you, by attending my calls late night and early morning. Thank You very much. People like you make difference to an organization. Keep up the good work.
Rajni Wason
Medimanage – The name that you can trust to choose the best healthcare that would suite your need. Browse their website (or) speak to their agents to gain the confidence of Brand – Medimanage. If you are stranger who is looking at the Indian healthcare industry for the first time, TRUST Medimanage – they will take care of all your needs like what your family member does for you. The Marketing Team – Is always ready to answer any number of questions – any number of times regarding the Policy plan and benefits. No compulsions and you have the privilege to take your policy only after you are fully convinced. The Operations Team – is so committed and efficient. There are real professionals who know the nuances of the claim requirements for each and every insurance company. Their hassle-free claim processing system is highly appreciatable. I would like to personally thank Abhey in the Marketing team and Soman in the OPS team for making me experience and understand what Medimanage REALLY is.
Ramesh C L
Thanks a lot for the extended support.. Extremly happy with the service and help provided..
Ramesh Ottur
Appreciate your quick response and follow-up Your service rocks !!! This is the second year am using medimange and it's perfect.
Ramesh Singh
Thank you for your understanding and prompt response during the needy time. Your coordination was a key element which enriched a good perception on medimanage. I appreciate your constant follow up. Thanks again for your support!
Rameshkumar Subramaniam
16 July 2014, An overall excellent experience interacting with the Sales team. You are doing a great job of assisting people in choosing the right plan when there are innumerable plans totally confusing to a lay man.
When someone reaches the pinnacle or the highest spot, them he/she doesn't have to improve but just keep the spirit and good work up so as to retain that position. Same goes with MediManage, professional values and ethics are great along with large pool of domain knowledge. I wish you luck! Regards, Ravi
Thanks so much for all your patience and for all your help in answering my questions and clarifying them patiently and for walking me slowly through the entire sign up process for the Oriental Happy Family Floater policy. I really appreciate it. Thanks once again!!!
Ravi Kanth Gollapudi
I am very impressed with your staff specially Somen and Amit. Whenever I have approached them with a query I have always got a positive reply, infact I have recommended medimanage to many friends and colleagues
Sadik Khan
Many Thanks to you and Medimanage for all the help in this regards. Please pass my thanks and regards to other MediManage team also.
Sampath Swamy
Thank you for the prompt reply. I must add that your service provided by your organisation has been a great source of comfort for me and my family.
Here is some great feedback for Rakhi from claims team. The key words are "tremendous follow-up" & 'professional handling of claim".... Both these attributes reflect our mission statement in true sense. Keep up the good work Rakhi...!!!
Sangita A. Samant
Sanjay Jain from Mphasis Ltd...I appreciate Medimanage representative for their swift responses like ( Kouser ). Excellant Going..Keep it up
Sanjay Jain from Mphasis
I would like to 'Thank you' for the help and support given through out this medical approval process of my father. You have given tremendous support to me which made very easy for me in/out of the hospital. My special thanks to Urmila who has also provided me 100% support even on Sunday. Once again "Standing Salute" to both of you
Sanjay Khurana
Interacted with Advisory Team, all the time he was very responsive. Could answer all my questions. He improved my understanding. Mohd. Hussain exchanged mails also swiftly. I am thankfull to Medimanage.com
Sanjiv Srivastava
I, take this opportunity to thank you for the help and support I close with best wishes and regards,
Santos Dias
Thanks for your kind support and tremendous follow-up with paramount and respective insurance company for my Mediclaim cheque. Once again thanks for your support
Santosh Paraswar
Great work from you and your team!
I would like to appreciate the timely support and care by Medi manage personnel MR Ganesh for extending the support late night on 15th june to clear the medical insurance. Looking forward for the same kind of timely support and response in furture.
Saravanan S
The entire process was monitored well, hasslefree and smooth ONCE AGAIN..THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR ASSISTANCE
Satish Pandey
I am very pleased with the way you managed the entire process seamlessly.I was very apprehensive that it may run into bad weathers this time as well as I had a very bad experience with Cumballa Hills last year.But it turned out to be a completely different experience due to outstanding service offered by you and Medimanage team this time. Thanks again,really appreciate it!
Savita Mittra
You have played a very important role in convincing us to conduct this program, coordinating this event. Thank you for your efforts & excellent support in making this program a success.
Shanmugam M
Hi, Just like to thank one and all and specially Soman (the contact person for the claim for helping me receive the reimbursement claim. Medimanage is professional and well-informed and customer care is very good with special reference to Soman who patiently heard out all grievances and helped me out at all points. Shanti K
Shanthi Karri
Overall a goood experience.
Shanti bhushan
Your guys are not only good but efficient too. I missed deadline to add family details, and immediately within 30 mins got things done through your team. Someone maheshwari pillai responded. Happy to share with you about this.
Shaw employee
It was great customer service from you and Medimanage will surely do well if you are focused on the customers in this manner. Thanks again.
Shilpa Appaiah
It was great customer service from you and Medimanage will surely do well if you are focused on the customers in this manner. Thanks again.
Shilpa Appaiah
Truly appreaciate your efforts in personally holding the BMI & BFA camp for us despite teh designated vendors backing out at the last moment.Thanks a ton!
Shyam Panicker
I really appreciate the timely response and dedicated team work of Medimanage in getting the issue resolved.
Sober Vijay.B
I & my husband Subhash, sincerely thank each one of you for your extended support,We truly appreciate your timely follow-up which eased the billing process during my stay in the hospital. Thanks a ton once again.
Thanks a lot for ur Immediate Help and efforts u put in the same .
I really wanted to thank you very much for the entire support you provided I wanted to specially thank you for taking the issue with high priority and provided her full support that was highly appreciated.
Srinivas Thatiparthi
I would like to thank Mani for this kind of help and support in ensuring that the cashless process is done on priority.
Subha shini
interaction with Snehal Dhanu from Medimanage.com is excellent. this ADVISORY person is very knowledgeable, patience and able to endure awareness to whom she called. she is giving as best as possible suggestions to make customer choose best and suitable policy/company. this type of executives are needed in all insurance companies so that customers as well as companies will overtake hurdles.
Sudhakar Venkat
My special thanks to Medimanage for arranging the reimbursement claim for maternity benefits. Right from the start, the process was smooth with timely update and upto receiving my cheque
Sugumar Deshikan
Spoke to MR. Darshan Netare. Has very good indepth knowledge about all the policies.unbiased reviews and discussions. Extremely helpful conversation, helped me to arrive at the product best suited for me, only after indepth analysis of all the products form varies insurance companies.
Sukesh Karanth
Till Now, I am having the best experience i can ever imagine. Hoping the same in the future, so i can secure more lives. I have got alot of friends and acquaintances in my profession who can use the services of Medimanage.com,will definitely refer them..!!
Suneet Jindal
Thanks to you at an individual level and also to Medimanage Insurance for this arrangement.
T.P. Aswath
It was a experience interacting with your advisor - Sanket. He has good knowledge about this domain and was effectively answering all my queries. I really apprecite his help and his honest opinion guiding me to get perfect mediclaim policy.
Uday Kapare
I thank you very much for the excellnet service that is rendered in addressing my claim during the hospitalization of my father last week. Your immediate attention to my request and the processing of the claim has helped us immensely during the extremly stressful days.
V. Gauri Shankar
I would like to thank you for all the help you provided I appreciate and thank you for the efficient and highly professional handling of my claim.
I Would like to say thanks to all who helped me to reimburse the medical claim .For taking so much initiative and the efforts once again thanking you all.
Thanks Vanitha for all the support extended and your terrific turnaround on information requested by me. Appreciate it! Keep up the good work!
Venkatesh Radhakrishnan
Tons Thanks for timely help
Vetriselvan A
The way the claim has been handled by Medimanage is exemplary. A very pleasant experience with good hand- holding from the very start till the complete end process . A end to end quality service provided by Medimanage. Special thanks to Ms Supriya who has coordinated my claim and has always been very supportive and reachable for all updates from time to time. Appreciate your help.
Vinod Nair
Thank you so much for all the support and timely intervention. I would like to place on record my highest appreciation for your effort, empathy and attitude. The procedures and policies at the hospital we were in took much time and your intervention and liaison with the insuring company and the hospital helped hasten the process.
Vivek Nair
Thanks a ton ..? Delivery as per commitment….:-)
Yogesh Nene
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Medimanage has managed more than 25000 claims end-to-end.
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