Why Medimanage for Health Insurance?


With its laundry list of terms and conditions, Health Insurance is a complex product; and since it involves health of our family members, it is even a more complex and sensitive service.  You wouldn't be as stressed, worried, if you car was stuck in the garage due to delayed claim settlement, as compared to one of your families stopped from discharge in the hospital.


With such dimensions in Health Insurance in India, you need a specialist health insurance service enterprise, one who provides you unbiased advice, and then owns the responsibility to service the product.


Founded by healthcare professionals in 1999, Medimanage.com is a Health Insurance Specialist that truly represents the health insurance customer from advice to service to claims.


Snapshot of Medimanage services:


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More about each health insurance service:

1. Unbiased Advice: We believe Health Insurance is a product which has tremendous long term complexities. You therefore require a specialized, unbiased, integrated service provider who owns what she advises. Though Medimanage has a license to advise and deal in every Insurance product (Car Insurance, Life Insurance) available in the market, we have consciously focused Health Services, since our inception. Our 50 years of collective experience in Health Insurance advisory will empower you to take the right decisions on Health Insurance and the way forward. 

2. Personalized Services: Though we are a management run professional organization, we understand that you would need our personal attention to manage your Health Insurance. We have therefore perfectly blend the personalized services you or your father enjoyed with the neighborhood agent with technology and processes. We pick up your cheques and documents, in locations we are present; we keep your records; we remind you on renewal of your policies; we keep you updated with latest changes in procedures, and anything else that is related to the policy, we sold you.

3. Professional Claims management: We understand that the least you expect when you buy a policy is a hassle free and transparent processing when it comes to your claims. Our trained team will handhold you right through the entire process, helping you/your family members with documentation and, updating you on the status of the claim and ensuring the claim is settled as early as possible.

4. Single Point Contact (Account Manager): We take out the entire anxiety out of Health Insurance. Once you have placed your proposal with Medimanage, you would be allocated a Customer Support representative, who will hand hold you through various processes including:

  • Keeping your records. Providing you copies.
  • Answering your queries.
  • Providing you with Tax Receipts.
  • Reminding and Payment for Renewals.
  • Coordinating your Claims.

5. Strong Response Systems: Team Medimanage is trained to understand the importance of being responsive and prompt. To be doubly sure, in case of an exceptional event of no response or a unsatisfactory response, we have a clearly defined escalation matrix which ensures you are responded to. Every email to our customer service, operations or sales representatives have an auto-responder which will help you with the defined time you can expect a response, and a clear escalation process. Escalations are personally read and responded by topmost executives at Medimanage.com

6. No Extra Charges, Fees: You pay exactly the same premium, you would pay directly to the Health Insurance Company. We earn our brokerage from the Insurance company you select for your health insurance.

Go ahead, give us a try. We will ensure you are pleasantly surprised!

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Medimanage Vs Other Health Insurance Service Providers 


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Did you know?
Medimanage is the only Dedicated Health Insurance Broker in India.
Medimanage has managed more than 25000 claims end-to-end.
Medimanage insures more than 2 Lakh lives every year.
11 July 2014 , I spoke to the Advisory / Sales Team. I had a very good experience interacting with Medimanage. I feel they are the best as i have been getting the best service from the medimanage team.